четверг, 29 июля 2010 г.

[ estetique_-_the_way_11.07.10 ]

global communication - the way (original)
dachshund - persona
ethyl and flori - coney island boppers
yse - bounce back
Soul T - Lonely Quiet (Original Mix)
pablo bolivar - tarantula
ray okpara - deep driving
florian kruse and ciro vesuviano - winter season
wiretappeur nils nurnberg and florian kruse - i want you (airgroove remix)


[ estetique_-_time_for_us_25.07.10 ]

yse - worry (feat beckford) [Lost My Dog]
vernon and dacosta - let me down 
david keno jaxson - right here (elef remix) [Weplayminimal] 
seb zito - the wall [off] 
Greg Parker - Get High (dub version) [Plastic City] 
thyladomid - the_voice [off] 
Roddy, Ulan Bator - Without Boundaries (Agnes Alternative Remix) [Budenzauber] 
Bastian Knop - Got Me There (Original Mix) [Similar Records] 
leif - shes kooky feat. donna lea [Boe Recordings]   
moog conspiracy - promenade (kruse and nuernberg remix)

  estetique - time for us by estetique